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Okay team,

So you’ve heard my thoughts now about PROFITABLE communities, and what profit can possibly mean for our lives, and the way we can count our lives as being truly amazing, and profitable, by counting more than just the $ in our bank account.

But the program I am launching is called Building profitable AND EMPOWERING communities, so it’s time to talk about the reason why we need EMPOWERING communities, not JUST profitable ones.

Our community should give us some sort of return – both impact related – so you being able to maximize how truly incredible your impact on this world really is, and monetarily related (if your community is set up to support your business endeavours).

But how does Empowering fit into this. Why does it matter?

I’m SO glad you asked.

Empowering is the mechanism that helps you to bring about the profitable part of the equation. You are looking to create a space, your community, that allows people to feel like they are worthy, and capable – among many other things. So let’s look at this.

At its core, to empower someone means to give them the authority or power to do something for themselves. This is critical. We spend a lot of our lives doing the things we “have” to do, and very little time getting to do the things we choose to do. This matters, because in the space of an EMPOWERING community, we get to change that narrative.

For example, while teaching photography courses – yes, they’re just photography courses – the empowering community that we created allowed people to see their lives as a series of choices. Their initial decision to learn more about photography, lead them to this community where they felt powerful, useful, HEARD, understood, and this ultimately resulted in them feeling empowered to choose a different life for themselves. Here are some examples, and nope – they’re not all related to photography…

  • One of my students applied to complete a Arts degree at University – she’s in her 50s, with no formal education past high school. She was accepted, and despite the sometimes seemingly INSURMOUNTABLE challenges this woman has had, she’s about to head into her final year. AND she’s CRUSHING it. I don’t think she realized just how capable she actually was – and now that she’s discovered this new side of her, she’s UNSTOPPABLE.
  • One of my students found the courage to leave her partner of many, many years. She enrolled at a Business Administration course at her local college, and is moving to the mountains – so that she can do more of what she loves (yes, photography for sure) – while discovering more about who she is and what makes her tick.
  • One of my students has relentless and truly horrible health issues. This poor woman has been fighting to get on the kidney transplant list – and thankfully last week it happened! But through our community, this woman finally has a place to talk about it. She has people who reach out to HER if she goes silent for a little too long, and people who are there for her if she needs to talk.
  • One of my students got her first passport. Just so that she can come to our in-person photography event and literally, hug her community. 

These changes have very little to do with photography, and absolutely everything to do with the feeling of being empowered. And it’s a truly beautiful thing to be able to create this space – this space that brings together Doctors, cafeteria workers, grandmothers and retirees. People from all walks of life have a space now that helps them to see how truly powerful they are.

And the best, most beautiful part of this – the most unexpected part of this – for me, at least – is that while I was creating this space for everyone else, I got to reap the rewards and benefits too. I have the discovered one of my closest and I hope lifelong friends, a woman who has stepped up and been there for me in a no conditions kind of way – no judgement, no questions – she’s just there for me. I have friends who now check in on ME when I go too silent for too long – and this incredible community of people who dived head first into helping me build this new business, simply because they believe in me.

But let’s get practical here. Bottom line – why does this matter? Empowering communities literally help people change their lives. And this includes you. So now you have the complete picture, let’s tie it together:

Building profitable and empowering communities – it’s about maximizing your impact – getting the best results for your clients, AND giving your clients the chance to take those results and multiply them throughout their lives and the world.

So if you’re sitting here as a business owner, community association manager, entrepreneur, course creator, corporate manager, adult educator, citizen with an idea – I am here today to tell you that you need community. To make the BEST go of what you have to offer this world – you need to be able to create a profitable and empowering community.

Or – you can ignore this message, and continue to deliver good content, good work, but with WAY less impact than you are truly capable of.

Building Profitable and Empowering Communities – my 12 week program is now live! I want to invite you all to come and join me. So stay tuned over the next few weeks here as I break down all of the details about when / where / how / why / and for who.

I can’t wait to see you there! Let’s take your amazing work and blow it up to it’s TRUE size. 

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