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Hey team!

Building Empowering, PROFITABLE communities.

This was a tough write. Why? Because I believe that Empowering Communities is actually all about ultimately helping people become the best version of themselves.

So the word “profitable” stuck in my head for a little while. If you’re like me, then profitable makes you think excess quantities of dollar signs, usually obtained through some form of truth-stretching, or just plain out lying.

But I really wanted the word in there.


I’m so glad you asked…

The Merriam-Webster dictionary has a few definitions to offer for the word “PROFIT”, but the one that I want to focus on today is this:

Profit: a valuable return: GAIN. 

And this is the one I want us to pay attention to, because it is specifically related to the idea of gain. Not necessarily financial, or monetary, but VALUABLE nonetheless. 

In my upcoming 12 week program, my goal is to show you how you can create, sustain and grow an empowering and PROFITABLE community, because communities should exist to offer a valuable gain.

If you’re an entrepreneur, course creator, business owner, corporation, than this valuable gain should include a monetary aspect – your community should support your business, but ALL communities, yes, even the ones that exist to support businesses, and even more-so the ones that exist for a social good – should produce a valuable gain. This may be: 

  • Helping people reach their full potential
  • Providing a space for growth and discovery
  • Supporting and encouraging change
  • Maximizing your impact and reach. 

ALL communities should be profitable. And so if I were to ask you if your community right now is profitable for you – either financially and/or impact wise – would you be able to answer yes? 

If I asked you, does your community support your business / goal? Would you be able to answer yes? Or would you rather say that your business / goal supports your community?

If you can’t answer yes, to both of those questions right now, then I want you to stay tuned for our 12 week program coming up here in a couple of weeks.

This program will show you EXACTLY how to start, build and sustain a community that SUPPORTS your business or your goal AND that is PROFITABLE – remember, VALUABLE GAIN. 

Also – try this new take at profit on for size. You have the right to be profitable in your life. You have the ability to find ways to add VALUABLE GAINS to your life. We often spend so much time thinking about how we can add more money – promotions, new jobs, new businesses – we forget that we can add HUGE valuable gain to our LIVES by considering what valuable gain is to us – muse on that, because we’re going to loop back to this just for fun ;). 

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