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Hey team! Welcome back, 

Today I wanted to share with you a little piece from our 12 Week Program, Building Profitable & Empowering Communities. This week we are diving into our Pillar all around Trust, and as I mapped the content out for this class, it occurred to me that EVERYONE should know more about this one particular piece. 

Everyone has heard of the idea of constructive criticism, right? And I want to ask you, when was the last time that receiving constructive criticism felt good…? Heck, when was the last time that GIVING constructive criticism felt good… If you’re anything like me, the answer to both of those questions is pretty simply – never. 

You see, constructive criticism is a form of feedback that immediately sets the person receiving the feedback in a space where they feel criticized - constructively or not. And this does not do wonders for bringing out the most in people. It is not conducive to helping build confidence, and giving them the skills they need to figuring out solutions to their problems. 

So I have a challenge for you today, rather than providing constructive criticism, let’s work on a new idea – providing instead “empowering feedback”. 

First of all, that sounds way better than any term that contains the word “criticism” – we are so good at criticizing ourselves, we don’t need anyone else to join in that party… But mostly, it’s important because of the word “empowering”.


You see, the pure definition of the word empowering is to give (someone) the authority or power to do something.

The key here is that you’re GIVING someone the power to make their lives better. When we criticize, we are TAKING the power from them. We are telling them that we know better, and they should follow what we say. But when we give EMPOWERING feedback, we’re giving people the ideas and tools they can use to make their OWN lives better. 

Your ideas have merit, particularly when you’re the subject matter expert – when you’re the one standing at the front of the class and teaching. Your feedback really can help people make better decisions, understand the issues impacting their lives, and help them to make the most of the tools, skills and resources you’re giving them. But it’s the DELIVERY of that feedback that makes it stick, or makes the person receiving the feedback jerk away in shame.

But how does empowering feedback work? 

Like this: 

Step 1: Praise. It’s simple, it's easy, and it costs you nothing to comment on something positive that the person has done. "I love what you have here for your community themes. The ideas are coming together really cohesively, and I can see exactly the people that will be attracted to this Community – you’ve absolutely crushed this part – go you!"

Step 2: Share your idea. "I have an idea for you – and it’s just an idea – so you can take this idea, add it to your pot of tools, and see if it helps – no pressure to use it. I’m thinking that it might be helpful to choose just one of your amazing community ideas to start with – this way you can focus your attention in on one theme, and create content that feels very cohesive. And then over time, you can start integrating your other ideas – because they are truly brilliant as well."

Step 3: Praise and encourage. "But I absolutely LOVE what you have here, and I think your idea will for sure attract the people you’re looking to fill your courses with. I can’t wait to see where we take this, and know that you’ve 100% got this. You’re doing great."


Great! Now, I want you to do a gut check. If you received this empowering feedback, how would you feel? We’re going for inspired, encouraged and supported. And ultimately, you should feel as though you now have a new idea to help support the work you’ve already done. You should feel empowered – ready to tackle the task knowing that YOUR ideas are worthy. 

So let me know how this feels for you. I’d also love to hear how it feels for you when you try giving empowering feedback, rather than constructive criticism. We’re all in this together, so the more you share your experiences, the more we all get to learn! 

Final word team – I don’t know what’s going on in all of your lives, but I do know that this time of year feels like a rubber band being wound tighter and tighter until the chaos of the Holiday season hits. So please, take a moment to recognize how amazing you are – take a moment to enjoy your wins – particularly the ones that may not seem monumental – because writing that email, doing that load of laundry, buying groceries for the next few days, hugging your kiddos for more than 2 seconds – these are monumental wins, and you’re doing so brilliantly. 

Talk soon team

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