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Hey team!

I have a question for you today. Is your community building your business, or is your business building your community?

I love asking this question, because it really hones in on the problem with creating a hap-hazard community. One that you know you need, but you don’t REALLY know how to put it together properly.

So let’s dive in.

Let’s break this question down into its two parts:

Is your community building your business? What does this mean – this means that your community is working FOR your business. Your community is helping you to:

  1. Gather new leads
  2. Build know, like and trust
  3. Create a group of raving fans, who love everything you have to offer
  4. Maximize your impact – get the best outcomes for your clients.

That sounds pretty great, right? And at its core, THAT is what your community SHOULD be doing for you. Building your business. Maximizing your impact. Taking what you know, and giving it the BEST chance of helping the people you know it can help.

If you have a community that does these things for you – YAY YOU! You’ve got it. Keep it up.

Unfortunately, most people I know have a community that works the other way. Let’s look at part 2 of this question – is your business building your community? What does this mean? This means that your community is an extension of your business activities. You created a community, and invited all of your friends and family, and it was going great! By pure momentum, you have 50 people, 200 people, 500 people, maybe 8000 people.

But the way you manage your community now is by accident. Oh – I posted this on my business page, I’ll add it to my community. OH, I haven’t posted anything in there in AGES, I’ll share something today. Your community has become a chore. It’s ANOTHER thing to add to your list of “to-dos”. It’s not maximizing your impact, because it’s an afterthought – not a carefully planned part of your business growth strategy. It’s the top of the pyramid – the “nice to have”, not one of the solid foundational bricks, lain at the beginning to help support the beauty of what it is that you have to offer.

Here's the kicker team. Most of you will resonate with one of these following statements, and that’s TOTALLY okay. You’re not alone. This shit isn’t easy – and like all things in life, you can’t be expected to just innately KNOW how to do this. Sometimes you have to learn… And – you’re not an island – just like your clients, you also need the support of your own community.

So if one of these statements sounds like you, take a big deep breath, and remind yourself it’s okay:

  •  I have a community, but it hasn’t grown much in the past few months.
  • I don’t have a community, but creating one keeps coming up on my to-do list – over and over again.
  • I have a community, but I really don’t know what I want from it.
    -I have a community, but I frequently forget to post in it, so there are BIG gaps between my engagement with it.
  • My community only engages with memes and fun things.
  • My community engagement is dropping.
  • Whenever I run an event in my community, it doesn’t do as well as I think it should.
  • I have just one or two people in my community who engage. The rest might as well be ghosts.
  • My community feels like another chore on my “to-do” list.

And that’s probably enough, right? We don’t need to shame or guilt ourselves into change here, but recognizing that just saying that you HAVE a community, doesn’t mean that you’ve got the RIGHT community, or that it’s doing what you really NEED for it to do for you.

Okay. So this was fun. And now you are probably feeling a slightly panicked need to get into your community and post and schedule a bunch of things, but also you’re worried that it’s not the right thing, and so now you feel that familiar pang of guilt and fear, and it’s paralyzing you out of action. Again.

Big breath in, and out. You’re okay. You are beautifully, brilliantly human, and you are in the right place.

Here’s what you’re going to do now.

You’re going to head to this link and grab a copy of these awesome download I have. It’s very creatively called:

“Is your community building your business, or is your business building your community? Get a temperature check on your community, and learn 5 powerful tools to help you make the first shift from cold, to warm."

You’re going to read through that, complete the exercises and make some notes. Then, you’re going to head over to our Building Profitable & Empowering Communities 12 week course, and get signed up. We’re kicking off on October 18th, and we have our “this is my first time running this course” discount. 50% off. You won’t get this again. Like ever.

You guys rock. Don’t forget how brilliant you are, and remember – you’re not failing, you’re just learning. Go easy on yourself. 

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