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Community BOOST Mini-Course

The FREE 3 Day MINI COURSE designed to help you ENGAGE, MOTIVATE & DRIVE IMPACT in your Community. 

In just 20 minutes a day you will be able to give your Community the boost it needs to start driving profit and impact in your business.

The Life Your Community Needs...

--> Just 20 minutes a day for 3 days, starting Monday, January 8th. 

Every day you will be dropped the next Module in your 3 Day Mini Course. Watch the video, complete the Workbook, and see your Community take on new life.

In Just 20 Minutes A Day, You Will:

ENGAGE. As you already know, Community engagement is key to growth and prosperity. Learn what true engagement looks like, and why you're likely not doing it right...

MOTIVATE. You need to motivate your Community members, but you also need to BE motivated to grow your Community. Discover the one key to unlock your motivation, and how it helps unlock your best Community.

DRIVE IMPACT. If you don't have a crystal clear answer to this one question, your Community is doomed from the very beginning. Discover what this question is... and how to answer it.