It’s okay to want

Wanting is a very human emotion and an important part of human growth and expansion. If we never wanted to explore outer space we never would have made it to the moon. And you may argue whether or not this was necessary, but it was, undoubtably, one of the best examples of collaboration between countries, peoples, expertises, and more. We learnt more about who we are as a species and what we want through that expedition than we ever learnt from war.

The problem is not with the wanting. We all have desire and the ambition to be truly exceptional, and why shouldn’t we want that?? The problem is with wanting MORE. See, our world is currently very well crafted towards wanting MORE. More money, more promotions, more house, more houses, more land, more power, more clothes, more cars, bigger (more) cars, more relationships, more connections, more fame. But what we really need to be focusing our want on us not more, but better.

More is stretching our resources, more is putting strain on our world, more is causing wars, more is forcing us to work longer hours at the expense of family time, more is the reason our kids spend more time on screens than on people, more is why we can have 5000 Facebook friends but no real connections. More is the word holding us down.

Better though… now BETTER is possibility. Better is where the magic happens. Better is where we can strive for our wants without putting the strains on ourselves, our world, our environments, our relationships etc.

Better is where we strive for a better job - and what that looks like might be different for each of us. For some of us, it’s the chance to work on something we love. For others it’s better balance between work and home.

Better is where we strive for better things, not more things. It’s better clothing - clothing that lasts, clothing that’s recycled, clothing that makes us feel good. It’s better cars - cars that use better materials, cars that use less fuel, cars that give more power for less gas, cars that are electric - better for our environment.

Better is where we strive for better relationships, better connections with our friends and family, not more… less connections that mean more.

Better is where we spend more meaningful time with our kids. We buy less toys as distractions and better toys as connections. As tools to help our kids connect with US, and the world around them. Less toys. But better toys. Less connections but better connections.

So many people are now telling us that the whole idea of wanting is wrong. That we need to be happy with exactly what we have and where we are. And while a healthy gratitude practice is vital - we are so very very very blessed in ways we cannot get even begin to imagine - it’s only half of the picture.

Want. Yes, for sure - want - the potential of our existence cannot be found unless we have WANT - but want better, not more. And let’s see just how much better we can make the world in the process. 

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  1. Very well written Jana, I totally agree! If only our politicians and economist could get their heads around this, the world would be so much better for all its creatures great and small!

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