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Hey team!

VALUABLE GAIN. This idea of PROFIT that takes us on a winding garden path away from ka-ching, ka-ching – insert obnoxious dollar signs. What does it mean for us in a day-to-day way?

Let me share my ideas with you…

I have had two, truly remarkable VALUABLE GAINS this week, and I’m super glad that you want to know what they are…

Firstly, on Sunday, I ran in my very first race as an adult. I ran a 5km route, and I totally crushed goals – I showed up (AMAZING!), AND I ran the whole way, and actually finished the race! GO ME! Shockingly enough I now run 5km a LOT slower than I did 10 years ago, but hey, slow and steady – maybe doesn’t win the race – but sure as heck finishes it. BOOM.

So pretty cool stuff. I also got this awesome dino medal – the race was called the Dino Dash. And I will be honest, this was the only reason I showed up. #WORTHIT.

Now, this event was a VALUABLE GAIN for me in a few ways: 

  • I learnt that I can keep my agreements with myself – even if they’re hard. 
  • I discovered another way to actually somewhat enjoy taking care of myself. Exercise and I have a long, tarnished history. 
  • And the one that I really want to bring your attention to today is this: I got to feel what it is like to be truly, unconditionally supported.

Now, the first two – obvious. But the third – unconditionally supported. My friend, you know who you are, signed up to run the race with me. But there have been a series of unexpected events over the past few months, and she showed up on the day, with her 3 kids, for the sole purpose of supporting me. She took my two nuggets with her, and kept them organized and entertained for an hour – while I prepped, ran, and lay-on-the-ground-dying afterwards. She showed up, wrangled 5 kids between the ages of 4 and 9, and did it all to support me. 

You can’t do this shit alone.

Now – that’s valuable gain for this week #1.

Number 2:

I’m an avid reader. I always have been. I love reading, and may be more addicted to it than coffee (although that’s a close call). My gorgeous daughter, who is 8 going on 9, hasn’t had the easiest time getting into reading. She’s a competent reader, but is missing the fluency to be able to really “get into” a book and lose herself in it. I know that the best thing you can do for your kids is read to them at night, but up until a few months ago, I found this concept absolutely exhausting.

Nonetheless – this is important – both to me, and to her – I want her to just be able to have fun – both with books, and with the idea of learning – and reading is ESSENTIAL to having fun when learning.

So a couple of months ago I made the choice to add some more profit into my life. I went to shoot for a valuable gain. Every night, I have been reading to both of my girls – sometimes they read, and every time I spend a lot of time reading – and we’re listening to audio books in the car at every opportunity.

And this week, for the first time, I have SERIOUSLY felt that valuable gain. My daughters now beg to listen to books, will stay in the car in the garage for hours once we get home to keep listening (apparently this is the best place to listen to Percy Jackson), and will read with me for hours at night.

What’s the gain?

  • My daughter now loves books as much as I do (yay!!)
  • Both of my daughters are having an easier time reading (yay!)

But the one that REALLY gets me is this. I have discovered that there are MANY forms of enjoying reading. Audio books, me reading to them, them reading to me, one reading to the other… And I wouldn’t have discovered THIS gain without: 

  • My sister – who taught me that it doesn’t matter HOW the reading happens
  • My friends – who gave me great ideas about audio books – when / where (hint: anywhere and everywhere – but particularly in the car)
  • My Mum – who showed me that a little structure and perseverance goes a long way. 
  • Our library – who ran a summer reading challenge that the girls wanted to “win”.

Repeat: You can’t do this alone.

And neither should you HAVE to!!!

Remember, the most full, most beautiful things in your live cannot be accomplished in a void.

Both of my valuable gains this week came about specifically because of the community of people I had around me to make this work.

I would not have been able to attend my run without someone to look after my kids.

I would not have been able to help my girls read if I kept on the idea that it had to happen one specific way.

TL:DR my community was what made this work.

So now – it’s your turn. What valuable gain have you made recently? AND, bonus points if you can identify the community of people who helped you make it happen.

Don’t be shy – I don’t bite!

Talk soon team.

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