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Hey team, 

You can’t do this alone. The greatest moments in your life to date, didn’t happen in a void of support. 

Your birth – for sure the best thing that happened for the world – was only accomplished by the presence of at LEAST two other people. More likely, a whole swath of dedicated individuals helped bring to life the miracle that is you. 

So when I say “you can’t do this alone” I mean it. Over the past decade, I have made the most astounding, and truthfully obvious, discovery. And before you dismiss this discover off hand, with an “oh yeah, of course Jana”… I want you to consider if you have ever truly believed and invested your energy – heart mind and soul, into this idea. I know that for me, it’s taken a decade to truly get it. 

Your most full, most beautiful life, cannot be accomplished in a void.

It will always come down to the connections and communities that we create – that help us to reach our full potential. 

In every aspect of our lives. 

Consider, for a moment, which part of your life you feel like you’re doing pretty well in right now. Maybe it’s your health, wealth, career, family, relationships, friendships, learning a new language, or creative art, or whatever it is. 

I want you to take a moment to consider this question: 

Did you get there all on your own?

And the answer, invariably, inevitably, is always no

You can’t have that kind of success, or satisfaction in this part of your life, without the right people, doing the right things to help support you. 

Now, this is NOT to say that you didn’t do the WORK yourself. After all, it is YOUR job, YOUR health, YOUR passion, YOUR relationship. BUT, there are always, always, people right there, helping you strive, achieve, full supported, and most importantly, have fun. 

You cannot have success in a void.

So let’s loop back here. My name is Jana Rohen. I have spent the past 20 years teaching a variety of technical and creative subjects from music to mathematics, statistics to photography, in the process, building and selling a very successful in person and online business. 

And through this process I have discovered that at ALL stages, my students have had the best success, and hence my business has had the best success, when I have built, sustained and grown empowering and profitable communities. 

My next journey is all about taking this knowledge and teaching YOU how to build, sustain and grow your very own empowering and profitable community.

I am going to be kicking off my very first, 12 week program in a few short weeks, and in this program I will be teaching you the 6 core pillars of creating, running and maintaining these beautiful communities. 

Because they matter ,and when you get this part right, you can expect a few things to happen: 

  • You will end up with RAVING fans, as people discover the TRUE value in what you have to offer. 
  • You will have loyal customers, who will stick with you and join whatever program or offering comes next. 
  • You will be able to attract the right people to your door, knowing that you are the one to deliver success, and help them reach their goals and dreams. 

I can’t WAIT to share more about my company, my program, and who it is for over the coming weeks. 

So please stay tuned, and don’t forget: 

Your most full, most beautiful life, cannot be accomplished in a void.

Let me help you find and build your most empowering and profitable community. 

Talk soon team, 

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